Monday, 2 July 2012

Shape of my heart

So, I spent a bit of time today trawling through Spotify trying to decide what would be good Monday music. After flicking on an off and around all sorts of different genres and artist, from Metronomy to Bon Iver then to Katy Perry, LCD Soundsystem and John Meyer nothing was hitting the spot.
Then out of no where, I found myself listening to.. The Very Best of The Backstreet Boys. Definitely brought back some memories, I highly recommend re-listening to the song "Shape of My Heart" really effing loud, in your earphones, not sure the whole office would appreciate 90s/ early 00s revival...
Anyway, I guess that's the beauty of Spotify, you never know where you'll end up clicking through to... and more importantly it makes my Mondays bearable.

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